John Nolen's 1922 City Plan identified a linear park on Beaucatcher Mountain overlooking downtown. 

Segment "1" in red is Beaucatcher Greenway - 2012 Asheville Greenway Master Plan Update

Segment "1" in red is Beaucatcher Greenway - 2012 Asheville Greenway Master Plan Update

In 1920, John Nolen, an early city planner, authored the first city plan for Asheville-delineating a circle of parks surrounding Asheville and major city parks in every neighborhood. The key component of the park system was an expansive overlook park along Beaucatcher Mountain, and open space connecting it to downtown Asheville and the surrounding neighborhoods. The plan above, completed in 1922 identifies a linear park along the Beaucatcher ridge line overlooking downtown Asheville. Nolen's plan led to important land conservation by the City, without which today's Beaucatcher Greenway would not be possible.

The corridor nearly extends the length of Beaucatcher Mountain from Memorial Stadium and White Fawn Reservoir (above McCormick Field) to Helen's Bridge near I-240 and Tunnel Road. This wooded corridor below the crest and on the western side of the mountain's ridge will have commanding views of downtown Asheville. The trail will couple on-road in portions along Ardmion Road and South Beaumont Street and at times meander through parks such as Memorial Stadium, White Fawn, Mountainside, Beaucatcher Overlook and Beaucatcher Reservoir Park.

The Beaucatcher Greenway project has been adopted in several planning efforts that received broad public participation and support, including the 2008 Asheville Greenway Master Plan and 2012 Update to that plan. Both documents identify Beaucatcher Greenway as a high priority project. The City began design the following year, 2013

Existing Conditions

Much of the trail alignment is within existing City of Asheville Public Right of Way along an old roadbed.

Trail Vision

The completed trail will be a 10 foot wide asphalt trail that is accessible for trail users of all ages and abilities.