Trailheads provide convenient access to the greenway for trail users.  They act as nodes joining the public street network with the dedicated pedestrian trail. These spaces act as origination and destination points; areas to gather and meet with friends before embarking on a walk or bike ride. The vocabulary of building materials; on the ground plane, vertical wall elements, signage and furnishings tend to be concentrated at the trailhead locations announcing arrival and creating a signature or character of the built trail.  Wayfinding maps are located at the trailheads allowing the users to set a course to enjoy the scenic beauty along the Beaucatcher Greenway.

Materials used along the greenway for walls, signs, seating and other amenities will reference the areas natural environment, cultural history, architectural influences and adjacent land forms. The goal in selecting these materials, shapes and forms is to create a consistent feel along the greenway and trailheads that results in an identity for the Beaucatcher Greenway and connecting parks.